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About "fika"

The Swedish word fika, which doesn´t only translate to coffee break.

- Ska vi fika? (Shall we have a "fika")

Ta en fika. (Take a "fika")

Gå och fika. (Go and have a "fika")

Kom över på en fika. (Come over for a "fika")

The meaning of the word "fika":

  • Anytime bewerage party (coffe, tea, fruit syrups, always non alcoholic)
  • The bewerage at "fika"
  • The "fika" accessories (cake, bun, bread and etc.)
  • The conversation at "fika"
  • The company, party, group around the "fika"

  • The word has another meaning "trakta efter" aspire to, covet.

"Fik, fikaställe": The place(not at anyones home, nor a restaurant) where you can have a "fika", normaly a Café.

You can have a "fika" at anytime and anywhere.


The word has it´s origin in the adjective "fiken" (fiket; fikne, fikna; fiknare) desirous.

The Swedish word for curious "nyfiken" has the same origin.